pytest Primary Power

From beginner to intermediate pytest skills in about 4 hours, plus access to the next 2 courses when they become available.

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Finally, test code can be fun again.

Not only is pytest the leading test framework for Python, it's also easy to get started, and it can be fun!

This is Part 1 of the "Python Testing with pytest" course series. But don't worry. If you purchase this course, you have access to parts 2 & 3 also, when they are available.

Introducing the "Python Testing with pytest" course

Learn all of the core components of pytest quickly, and build great tests.

pytest Priary Power (4 hours)

  • Test Functions
  • pytest Fixtures
  • Builtin Fixtures
  • Parametrization
  • Markers

Plus you'll have access to the next 2 courses

  • pytest Working with Projects
  • pytest Booster Rockets

And access to a community for help if you get stuck (with full access option)

  • GitHub repo
  • GitHub discussion forum
  • Slack Channel
  • Discord Server

Course Curriculum

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